Fanbase: Wer wir sind und was dich erwartet

An Introduction to Fanbase: How you get started!

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Creators out there have been struggling to find ways to earn a steady income or diversify their revenue streams for too long. Free content is being taken for granted and too often advertising partners ask creators to work for pretty bad conditions or they limit their creative freedom. So, we asked the question: Why aren’t creators being rewarded for their work properly? They should be!

Imagine a platform, where you can directly interact with your true fans, share exclusive content that is not accessible on any other platform and where you can actually receive money for your work, by subscriptions or one-time payments. And this, in a super professional and convenient environment that offers all the tools you need to build your own marketplace. And now let’s call this platform Fanbase.


What is Fanbase?

Our mission is to empower creators from different industries to interact with their most loyal fans in an exclusive community and monetize their content at the same time. Fanbase is a social marketplace that offers creators all the tools they need to grow their fanbase, increase fan engagement and diversify their revenue streams. Studies show, the closer the engagement between creators and their followers, the more loyal they become and the more likely they are to purchase their products. Followers become true fans!


Who is Fanbase for?

Fanbase is the home for all passionate creators, no matter which industry – a fitness  instructor, musician, DIY blogger, business coach, digital artists or nutritionist – anyone creating great content has a place on our platform and can unfold creativity in all facets, with no limitations and restrictions.

Whatever your business model is, is the right platform, if you want to monetize your exclusive digital content: upload your new song, your tutorial from your latest project – a new cooking course – or work on a fitness session. Be innovative and creative!



As we are just at the beginning of an exciting journey with you, we are constantly developing new features in order to offer the best possible platform for monetizing exclusive content. In addition to our intuitive user experience, you can already enjoy features like image, video, audio, or PDF uploads. Choose between multiple payment settings and decide, if you want to offer a subscription for your profile or one-time payments for selective content. But don’t worry about billing, invoices, or VAT. That is our job! Btw: More exciting features, such as live video, are coming very soon! Stay tuned!


What are the benefits?

All creators dream of being less dependent on advertising income, cooperation partners, and algorithms. With Fanbase you will be able to diversify your revenue streams and build a business around your passion. We offer unlimited creative freedom. You will be enabled to strengthen your authenticity and your brand in a protected and super personal environment.


It’s as simple as that!

1. Create your profile:

Sign-up at and fill out your profile. Upload exclusive text, image, audio or video content. Communicate with your fans via post, shoutout or chat. Set a price for your profile (monthly subscription) and/or your content (one-time payments).


2. Share your Fanbase profile:

Promote your personal Fanbase profile link on your social media channels and invite your fans to join your exclusive community. Very soon we will further support you with analytics and marketing tools.
Connect all your current social media channels to your Fanbase profile and everyone can then see the size of your entire social media community at a glance in an instant.


3. Receive steady revenues:

Enjoy monthly revenues while we handle everything that is connected to payments (like taxes, affiliates and invoices). Transparency is super important for us. Most important: We just make any money if you do! For our service we take only: 9.9% commission on your gross revenues + 59 Cent per transaction + payment processing costs.

This means that you can focus fully on your fans and content while we handle all the rest.

Ready? Go!

Learn here how to set up your profile and get started on Fanbase today!



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