Content Creator: Diese 4 Tipps heben Deine Inhalte auf das nächste Level

Content creator: These 4 tips will take your content to the next level

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As we spend more and more time online, and at the same time more and more content can be found online too, it’s more important now than ever as a content creator to produce content that’s really interesting to us, that blows us away and inspires us. The content that’s just wow!

With these 4 tips, you’ll learn how to tailor your content to your fans even more, stand out from other content creator and come up with new ideas.

  • Analysis
  • Feedback
  • Trends
  • Exclusivity


The order in which you tackle these topics is totally irrelevant.


If you haven’t shared any content on Fanbase yet, then you can start by looking at your content on your social media platforms and then using that knowledge to get started on Fanbase.
If you’re already selling away your content on Fanbase, then you can learn more about your fans and optimize your content.


1. Analyze the existing content

Have you ever analyzed your existing content?
As a content creator you always should.

Once you know what performs best, you can produce content that builds on that. At the same time, you can give your fans what they’re really interested in.

E.g., you can look at

  • what content has worked best in the past
  • or which formats
  • which topics you already cover and which are still missing
  • what content is positively received by your fans
  • what’s the average reading time
  • what does your posts’ engagement look like


To figure this out, you can use the in-house insights from Facebook, Instagram, Instapage and Co. where you have already created content.

And here’s something to look forward to: soon, we’ll provide you with numerous great analysis tools for content creators on Fanbase for free.

Expand your content on topics that have generated high engagement, or produce similar posts. For example, if the recipes for vegan cookies were well received, you can publish more of them, or you can switch to vegan cakes, chocolates or buffet ideas for celebrations. So, use the content format with the most fans. Since you started podcasting, do you have more followers now than when you were just posting pictures? Then focus on regular episodes.


This is primarily about performance and not about evaluating the quality of the content. So that doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is bad or not popular just because your fans don’t click on it or buy it. Maybe it’s simply because the description and title aren’t yet clear enough.

Ask for feedback to see how the fans like your content.


2. As a content creator ask for feedback on your content

Feedback is important and essential for a content creator if you want to know

  • how happy your fans are
  • what content they would pay for
  • how exactly your content fits
  • what they like
  • what they would like to see next
  • which formats they prefer


If you know what your fans want, you can respond better, faster and more effectively, thus boosting your business.

The poll doesn’t have to be long. It’s better to do it regularly and keep it short. And this can also increase the likelihood that your fans will participate and you will get representative results over time.


Here we go: Ask your fans for feedback!

Use the group chat on Fanbase or your social media channels to poll your fans and followers.

E.g., here you can set up a Q&A session to get feedback on your DIY tutorials or your fitness sessions.


Important: Don’t forget to use the feedback!

Fans will reply to you, and they will be happy that you implement their feedback.

They might even expect it because for them, it means that you take them seriously.

Show your fans that you value them, their feedback and their opinion. E.g., you can reply to them personally and thank them for participating. Write to them and let them know what you’re implementing. Or also why you haven’t (yet) implemented this or that idea. This will motivate your fans to participate in a poll the next time as well.


By the way:

Studies have shown that participation in the product leads to greater appreciation. It’s the so-called IKEA effect. This means that because you have to assemble your piece of furniture yourself and it requires more effort on your part, you’ll appreciate the result all the more afterwards. And that increases the appeal and also the willingness to pay.

Another effect is the I-designed-it-myself effect which is based solely on the fact that customers are more willing to pay if they have designed the product themselves. Contributing to the creation creates a sense of accomplishment.

This can also be applied to participation in digital content. Let your fans help shape your content and your digital product.


3. Research trends for new content

Trends can be crucial to your success. Don’t just get a financial advantage. Be at the forefront and show your fans something new!

It’s not always easy to see what the next trend will be! Use tools like Google Trends for your online search. For example, you can find out which words are googled together. Compare search terms or your region with Europe.

The country comparison is generally a good approach: Let yourself be inspired by other countries. Research foreign online shops, magazines and blogs, and check whether the content is available in your language.

Follow famous and successful creators you admire. Follow public figures: Maybe celebrities are already wearing a new style or using a new fitness method.

  • What diet is Timothy Ferriss currently testing?
  • How was Megan and Harry’s wedding venue designed?
  • Which countries will Natalia Taylor travel to next?
  • What routines did Tony Robbins start?
  • What books is Sara Blakely reading?

Think about it: Is there a trend you need to get ahead of? Would your trend-related content be valuable for your fans?


4. Creat exclusive content on Fanbase

And last but not least, it’s all about exclusivity and added value.

What content, which tells a different story, have you never shown before? Think about behind-the-scenes moments, Q&A sessions, sneak peeks, e-books with hands-on tips and tutorials you’ve never shared before, or other content you don’t normally show on your social media channels that your true fans would be interested in.

Aside from content, you can also grant your fans exclusive Early Bird access, e.g., a premium link to your ticket sales for the next concert or webinar. Plus, you can meet up with your fans in exclusive group chats and learn even more about what your most loyal fans would want from you.

Show your personality—that’ll go down well with your fans.


Depending on what stage of your creator life you’re in, one of these four tips for getting started will make the most sense. Find out what you’d like to try.
We still highly recommend that you implement all 4 tips to celebrate your success at Fanbase!


Learn more about how a perfect example on Fanbase can look like here.


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