Erste Schritte auf Fanbase: Wie Du Dein Profil einrichtest

Getting started on Fanbase: How to set up your profile

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Setting up your Fanbase profile is the first step towards creating an exclusive community for your fans. Your creator profile is your home base and contains your bio, your social media channels and of course an overview of your content. From your profile, you are able to navigate through all important account settings and manage your content.


Here is how to set up your Fanbase profile in 3 steps:

  • Create an account
  • Edit your profile, bio & links
  • Adjust your account settings


Create an account

Create an account on Register with your email address and choose a password in the next step. Don’t forget to accept the general terms and conditions as well as the privacy terms.

If you already have an account, you can just login.

Now, you can choose a display name. Your display name is the name your fans will see in your profile. We recommend using the name you use for your social media channels, as your fans will recognize this name. You can always change this name in your profile settings.

In the next step, you can select your interests. Based on your interests, you will receive future recommendations of other creators and content you might be interested in. This will not be displayed in your profile.

You will then receive a confirmation email from Fanbase. If you haven’t received it in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder. Confirm your email address and you are good to go.

Congrats! You have a Fanbase account and you can adjust your bio and account settings now!


Edit your profile, bio & links

The most important part of your profile is your bio. This is your introduction to your fans, where you can tell them a little bit about yourself and your content.

In the menu at the top right, first go to “Profile”. By clicking the “edit profile” button, you can change your display name, upload a profile picture, add a vanityURL, and write something about yourself in the bio section. It’s best to use the name your followers know you by. In your bio, you can also state your niche or a claim you stand for.

Please note that you can only change the vanityURL ONCE.

Be sure to save the changes in the end at the bottom of the page.

Add all your links in the next step. In the menu item “Profile” there are “Social Links” and “Custom Links“.

Link all your social media channels to your Fanbase profile under “Social Links”. This way your fans can easily find you on the other platforms. Also, everyone can then see the size of your entire social media community at a glance in an instant, because we map your entire social media following.
Be sure to save the changes in the end at the bottom of the page.

You can add any other important links under “Custom Links”. Use this as your link-in bio tool and home for your most important links as well as your valuable content.
Be sure to save the changes in the end at the bottom of the page.

This information in your profile will be visible to all Fanbase users, not only your fans.


Adjust your account settings

Before posting your first content, you should adjust a few account settings. By clicking on the menu bar on the right, you will notice a few options, like editing your account settings, setting up your payment method as well as information about Fanbase like general terms and conditions.


Choose “Account” to customize following settings:

  • General: Add your basic information like your name and birthday.
  • Login & Security: This option allows you to change your password.
  • Language & Country: Double check the language and country settings, which apply to you.


Choose “Payment” to set up your payment and invoice setting:

  • Payment method: Here you can enter your credit card details for future purchases as well as your withdrawal account information.
  • Billing address: You need to specify your account type – private or business – and add your billing address. Please note that you cannot change “Account Type” and “Country” on your own after the first save. If you still need to make a change, please contact the Fanbase Support.
  • Payment history: To view your spending overview.


Choose “Creator Tools” to set up your pricing:

  • Creator Pass: Enter here your creator pass code to get started.
  • Monetization: Here you can define whether you want a subscription-based profile or not, and also set the pricing. The minimum subscription fee you can set for your fans is €4.99 per month. For a one-time-payment the minimum is €1.99.
  • Pricing: Select the price that will be displayed in other currencies. The price shown is based on the exact exchange rate. Or you choose to use our smart pricing approach. Hereby, the price is automatically rounded towards a more intuitive figure (e.g. €5.00 = $6.06 exact, will be rounded to $7.00 / $5.00 = €4.13 exact, will be rounded to €5.00).


Are you ready to start uploading content? Read now how to share your first piece of content with your fans!




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