Diese 5 Schritte solltest du beachten, um dein Fanbase Profil erfolgreich zu launchen

5 steps you should implement to launch successfully

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To kick off effectively, and be successful on Fanbase right from day one, you should follow these five steps. The goal is to familiarize your community with Fanbase and direct them to your Fanbase profile.


1. Promote your Fanbase

To get off to a successful start, you need to promote your Fanbase profile. Share your Fanbase link with your community and followers! The first thing you should do is include the link in all your social media profiles.

And use Fanbase as your link-in-bio tool i.e. the home for all your links.

Put your Fanbase link:

  • in your bio on Instagram
  • under your Youtube videos
  • in your LinkedIn title
  • on Facebook in your profile
  • in your bio or links on Pinterest
  • on Spotify in your profile text
  • in your Twitter bio
  • in your profile at TikTok
  • as a status on Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal
  • in your newsletter, blog or in forums


In addition, you should mention your Fanbase link in your next story or publish it in a post. Promote yourself and your content.

And be sure to start this before you publish your first of content on Fanbase. This creates expectation, so your fans look forward to the launch; you’re creating desirability.

For example, use a countdown, content teasers, descriptions or narratives of what Fanbase is and why you will be using this platform as a creator.

For continued success, it’s also important to keep creating stories, content teasers, links and mentions over and over again, as there are always new fans joining the platform. You can also promote individual post links on Fanbase via your social media platforms.


2. Plan your strategy and content

Before you get started on Fanbase, you should already have created a strategy to perfect your launch!

Think it through. Carefully consider which special content you want to kick off with on Fanbase, as well as the content formats you would like to publish (private insights, tutorials, templates, etc.).

Create a Plan and a schedule for when you want to publish specific content. (For example, use a social media plan; this can be a useful tool, even after your launch).

On the one hand, a plan helps you keep track of various elements and helps you to keep a central thread running through all your posts. On the other hand, you can ensure that your fans are fed regular content via your profile from day one, making them return to your feed again and again.

Tip: Block out the time needed on your calendar, so that you can produce regular content.


3. Be prepared

It’s best to not only have an idea of the content you want to start off with, but also you are already implementing that idea

Creating content requires time, creativity, inspiration, and it IS work. To ensure that your content, along with everything else you want to offer your fans, is ready on time, every time, we recommend that you plan ahead and think about execution early on and pre-produce it. This prevents undue stress and distraction during the launch and you can focus on your fans from day 1.

Then, you could also give your fans sneak peeks, and share your Fanbase content via your social media platforms. Use the content you already have to generate hype. With sneak peeks, make sure that there you create a clear value-add for your fans.


4. Listen to your fans

Ask your fans, even before launching, what kind of content they want to see more of. Get valuable feedback and surprise them with customized content.

Tip: Prepare a little surprise for them. This will give your launch that extra “personal touch” which is sure to enthuse your fans. For example, you could send a personalized message, thanking them for their support.


5. Set your pricing

Before you publish your first post on Fanbase, you should have thought through your monetization strategy.

At Fanbase, you can set multiple pricing options. You can decide which content is free, and which content is pay-for-view for your fans. Choose between subscriptions and one-time-payment options for your content. The more subscription fans you have, the more you’ll be able to earn.

The rates should definitely be realistic and you should give your fans genuine added value by posting regularly, for example. Expand your personal relationship with your fans by creating authentic posts.


Here you can read more on how to execute the monetization plan for your content.


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