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How can I share my content with my fans?

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YOU can share all the content YOU want with your fans. Create the content YOU like and get the recognition YOU deserve. Fanbase supports you with all the tools you need to get more out of what you love.

You have two ways to share your content with your Fanbase:

  • via a post, link or article in your feed
  • via the integrated chat


Before you start uploading content, the first thing to do is to promote your Fanbase profile, so your fans can see your content on Fanbase and be able to purchase it.

Share your Fanbase link with your community and followers on all your social media platforms. It’s best to insert your link directly in your respective  profile (for example in your Instagram bio) and use Fanbase as your link-in-bio.


By the way, your profile will get more attention if you mention your link as well in your next story or create a separate post. You can start now and start building up anticipation. For example, start promoting the first content that you want to publish on Fanbase!


How do I upload my content?

Sharing content on Fanbase is incredibly easy. For a new post, click on the “+” sign on the bottom of the banner on your profile page. With Fanbase, you can upload content in almost all formats:

  • Image formats, for example JPG, PNG, or GIF
  • Video formats
  • Audio formats
  • Links
  • File types like PDF or ZIP
  • And many others


In the next step, choose “Select content”, “Publish link” or “Write article”:


Select content

Select the file you want to upload. Add a title (max. 75 characters) and a description (max. 500 characters) to your post. Before you publish your content, you can set the visibility and monetization settings.


Publish link

Add the link you want to share. The link should start with https://. In the next step, select a personalized thumbnail image. Name the link with a title and a short description and set the visibility and monetization.


Write article

Select “Write article” and create the article immediately. You can also include images, links and videos in your article. Start writing – there are no limits. Add a suitable thumbnail image afterwards. Add a title (max. 75 characters) and a description (max. 500 characters). In the last step you can set the visibility of the article and the monetization.


You can’t adjust existing posts afterwards, but you can delete them and add new ones.


Who can see my content?

You decide who sees your content. The post is then either visible:

  1. to all Fanbase users (as long as it’s an open profile without a subscription).
  2. only to your fans
  3. only to your fans after payment (premium content)


If you want to share selected content only with individuals or a small group, you can use the integrated chat. Click on the “chat” sign in the bottom banner of your profile page and send your content as a message.


Prior to this, select individually whether you want to publish the post for a fee or free of charge.


Remember: To ensure that your content gets the recognition it deserves, share your Fanbase link regularly with your community on all relevant social media profiles. Of course, you can also promote the link of individual posts on Fanbase in your social media platforms.


You are not sure yet how exactly your content should look like? Then take a look at a perfect example here.


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