3 Wege mit Deinen Fans auf Fanbase zu kommunizieren

3 ways to communicate with your fans on Fanbase

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Fanbase is changing the way you connect with your fans!

Be more authentic. Be closer. Be connected. Every message deepens your connection with your fans and strengthens their loyalty.

Learn more about the three ways to communicate with your fans:

  • Shoutouts: for short, quick messages and teasers
  • Posts and comments: for your content and direct interaction
  • Chat: for exclusive content and interaction with selected fans


1. Short shoutouts

With shoutouts, you can quickly send a text message to all your fans. Use it to post updates and short messages of up to 140 characters:

  • How are you doing today?
  • What’s new?
  • What’s on the agenda today?


Shoutouts also work well as teasers for upcoming events and posts:

  • Tomorrow is the day!
  • We start in 5 hours!
  • Don’t miss tonight’s session!


Type directly into the “Shoutouts” box in your feed and share your message. Decide before each shoutout if only your fans can see it or if all visitors to your profile can see it.

140 characters are not enough to get your message across?

Then just start a post.


2. Individual posts

You can use your feed to communicate your message to your fans in a post. This gives you complete freedom to post your content the way you want to. You can share text, images, video content and links. Just use the “plus sign” in the banner at the bottom of your profile page.

Choose between:

  • Select content
  • Publish link
  • Write article


Add a headline and a description with up to 500 characters. For links and articles, you can also upload a personalized thumbnail image. Reach all your fans or the whole Fanbase community. Decide for each post who can see it.

Learn more about how to share your content with your fans here.

And just start a discussion: your fans can leave comments under your posts of up to 500 characters. Use the comment feature under your posts and increase your interaction rate with your fans.

This way, you can create a deeper connection with your fans: they can get to know you better and you can get to know them better.


3. Integrated chat feature

Chats are also a great way to build a closer relationship with your fans. You can also share exclusive files in your chats.

Fanbase allows you to exchange messages with your fans quickly and easily (without the need for additional tools).

You can send a private message to a fan or to a selected group of fans. Just click on the “chat icon” and start your personal message. You can also include images, videos or links in your message to share and sell content privately.


Group chats

Another option is to create group chats for selected fans or different groups, for example, for participants in individual courses. Create a targeted community. You can use the group chat feature to send daily updates to all participants in your 21-day challenge or to send additional benefits to your top 10 fans. Maybe you want to give all participants access to backstage material. Use it to create a fanbase that unites like-minded people, builds solidarity and empowers your love community.


Private chat

You can use private chat messages to send individual messages to each fan. This can be a welcome message, a thank you for buying your content, a notice about a promotion or just a little greeting to start the week. Use chats to build a deeper connection with your most loyal fans. You can be sure that your fans will appreciate and reward this personal relationship.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to reply to every single private message. Unless you want to, of course 😉

As a general rule, we recommend a mix of communication with your fans. Because the more interaction you have, the better. Just try it and see what you like the most and what works best for you and your fans!


Here you can learn which skills are important for you as a content creator and which creator tools make your everyday life easier.




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