So motivierst du deine Fans Fanbase zu nutzen und für deinen Content zu zahlen

How do I motivate my fans to come to Fanbase and pay for my content?

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First of all, let us remind you: it’s perfectly okay to charge money for your content!! You put your time into your work! You’re worth it!

Still, switching from free to paid content can cause anxiety and headaches for a variety of reasons.

We recommend: Help your fans understand what your personal reasons are for taking this step. Inspire them with your passion, and if they love your content, they’ll pay for it.


Your Why for Fanbase

Always start with Why (Simon Sinek, 2006, “Start with Why”). This is all about what it means to you personally. Why do you do what you do? Through your Why, you can give your actions an identity.


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek


Your motivation plays the central role here. Be authentic and explain your step and your motivation to go to Fanbase and monetize your content to your fans, e.g. in a video. Describe your vision and mission. What do you want to achieve? What do you stand for? What do you want to give your fans?

Share your personal Why in your social media profiles along with your Fanbase link as a story or post.

Use the format that feels best for YOU and suits YOU. It can be a song, a photo, a video or even a drawing.

By the way: Finding out what your personal Why is and communicating it, is not only crucial for your step to Fanbase but also for your overall branding and building your brand.


Offer added value & exclusivity

Another important point is to become aware of what you’re offering and what content you’re creating. It will help you! And your followers and fans will see their added value.

The best way to start on Fanbase is with a special post or content. Maybe you’ve had an idea for a long time. NOW is the time to do it.

Fans are willing to pay premium prices if a product has a truly constructive impact on their lives.

Maybe you can share different content with your followers on your social media platforms than you do with your fans on Fanbase. That way you can create real added value and exclusivity for your fans. Communicate clearly what you’re offering. And show what you stand for in your online profiles.

If you’re not sure what content your fans would pay for, then it’s time to find out. The better you know what your fans want and the more precisely the product is tailored to your fans, the greater your success will be.

Important: Let your followers on your social media profiles know that you have something great for them on Fanbase. Create a sense of FOMO and enthusiasm, which will encourage your fans to follow you to Fanbase.


Build a relationship

Not all of your followers will follow you on Fanbase. But that’s not a bad thing. You’ll get a lot more out of 100 true fans than 20,000 followers on a free platform. Build a close bond with your true fans!!

Get in personal contact with your fans, e.g. through the chat. Be approachable. This way you can also hear your fans’ ideas and wishes and respond to them.

Build your own personal love community. Positive vibes only!


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