Wie richte ich die Monetarisierung für meinen Content auf Fanbase ein?

How do I set up the monetization for my content?

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Not only should you give free rein to your creativity, you should also have as much flexibility and independence as possible. That’s why Fanbase, as a platform, offers you the freedom of choice to select various different pricing models for your content.


What opportunities do I have to sell my content?

  • One-time-payments: Set an individual price for individual content, which you can provide via private chat message, as well as in your feed. The minimum fee per transaction is €1.99 for a single post.
  • Subscription: Make your profile available as a subscription-only profile for your fans. Here, €4.99 is the minimum monthly fee, but you can, of course, also select a higher price.
  • Tips: Your fans will soon also have the option of making out donations to you.


You can also combine the different pricing models. For example, you can create a closed profile (subscription) where you can separately price for individualized, special content. Don’t worry, you can adjust your pricing in your settings any time.

By the way: It’s important to us to support you as effectively as possible, as a creator. That’s why we don’t want you to have to worry about invoices, statements, and taxes. We want you to be able to focus on your content as much as possible.

So, it’s best to start off thinking about your content pricing structure right at the beginning.


How do I determine my pricing?

You can determine what content you produce, and decide what the value is, all by yourself. Above all, it’s important to get more than “likes” for your creative work.

You know your content, your fans, and your industry best. Fanbase sets no limits. Still, there are a few guidelines and questions you can ask, to help you figure out your content value and strategy.

  • How many fans do I already have?
  • How big is my community on my social media platforms?
  • What do other creators with similar content charge?
  • How often do I create content?
  • What kind of content do I provide?
  • What do I want to offer my fans?
  • How much effort do I expend to produce my content?


Maybe, if you have a smaller fanbase, it makes sense not to monetize all your content, but to provide a few free posts so fans can get to know you.

With a finished product such as an album, a nutrition plan, or a sewing pattern, one-time-payments are certainly very suitable. A subscription plan is a good fit with a daily or weekly workout schedule, regular learning content, or regular financial tips.


Find your personal balance!

Read all about the 5 most important steps, to ensure a successful launch here.


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