ein exklusiver Content auf Fanbase: Ein Beispiel, wie Du es richtig machst!

Your exclusive content on Fanbase: An example of how to ace it!

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If you’ve been wondering how to get started on Fanbase, what exactly is exclusive content, then this article is right for you.

Perhaps you are also wondering how you can expand your current concept of digital content. Of course, this process is very individual and depends heavily on how you currently operate on social media, which creator niche you are in and which content your fans love!

We would like to present you with an example to give you some concrete ideas. Let yourself be inspired and then implement what suits you best!


If you have been wondering how to get started on Fanbase and whether Fanbase is something for you, then answer the following questions for yourself:

You want to be

  • creative, design your content and sell it?
  • independent of advertising contracts?
  • flexible in your pricing?
  • in close contact with your fans?

And at the same time you think that

  • invoicing is an inconvenient necessity
  • worldwide tax laws are a maze
  • studying web design and frontend development for your homepage takes too long


Then you’ve come to the right place: Fanbase is the home for your content.


We have designed Fanbase to give you maximum freedom as a content creator to focus completely on your content and creative work. We take care of the rest.

Simply design your profile according to your ideas in just a few clicks. You don’t have to set up annoying zoom calls anymore, nor do you have to take care of the participation and handling of the live sessions.

Automatic invoicing is also included. The tax rates are paid according to the country in which your fan is located.


Now it’s time for your personal content only.

Let’s take a look at an example profile together:


This is Emma.

Emma is all about healthy living and teaches yoga and meditation. She currently has two Instagram accounts: On one, she discusses sports and yoga; on the other, she posts recipes, nutritional tips, and instructions for conscious living. She has a collaboration specifically for yoga gear that she promotes on Instagram. She has also made some yoga videos available on YouTube for free. Whereby, she currently uses TikTok, mainly to get more reach. She has posted 5 short videos about yoga there so far.

Emma enjoys creating videos, inspiring others and teaching. That’s why she now wants to take a structured approach to her very own sports and nutrition program. To do this, she is now choosing a new platform that combines all the features she would like to use and on which she will offer her exclusive program in return for payment.


“I chose Fanbase because I finally want to earn a living with my knowledge.”


She starts by building a profile and linking her other social media profiles. Following the principle: Who am I? What am I doing? What do I stand for?


Yoga Teacher & Meditation Enthusiast
Movement & mind management ♀️ Helping you find strength, peace, confidence & worthiness 💛🌻 Newbie on www.Fanbase.com 😍


So far, so good. Now it’s about the content and the actual concept.


Emmas exclusive content

The program is already in place – at least the concept and content for the first few weeks.

Her brand collaborations just keep running alongside on Instagram. The contracts and her plans for Fanbase don’t influence each other.

She is aware that she should of course not only be clear about her new training program in terms of content, but also announce it to her current community first. So together with the first content post, it’s super important for her to share her Fanbase profile on her social media channels. Otherwise her fans won’t know where to find and buy her new program…

Emma starts with a Shoutout, announcing that she is now on Fanbase.com and launching her new yoga program here. This is new content that she hasn’t been providing on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube like this before. She created an entire program only for Fanbase, to make sure she could provide exclusive value to her fans.

Emma has an open profile with no subscription and sells posts and classes individually. She wants to start like this for now, as it is a new platform and she decides that this process works best for her and her fans. Her plan is to spark curiosity in her followers, without immediately having to pay something without knowing the value in return. She wants to keep the threshold small at first, and at the same time show who she is and what she stands for.


The start of the week

Emma starts on a Monday. She posts the training plan for the week. Currently, her profile is free for everyone to view and so is the training plan, uploaded as a picture.

Next, there is an announcement as a Shoutout that the first course from the training plan starts tonight at 6pm.

In the evening the course goes online: one hour of yoga for 15$. The video is also available afterwards.


On Tuesday, there is an exclusive e-book to the training plan with extra tips in PDF format to download for 19$. Here she gives her followers insider tips and tricks on how to really take off with nutrition, the right breathing exercises and a focused mindset.

And a little follow-up to Monday’s class: 10 minutes of slow stretching. Free to all who come to her Fanbase profile page as a little sneak peek treat.


Wednesday will be the next announcement and the next yoga session. You can join the class live again in the evening or purchase it for later on.

Emma also shares the link to her favorite lifestyle app, which she uses as a diary to document her successes on a daily basis.


On Thursday, she posts a five-minute meditation as an audio file for all to enjoy. She is posting it exclusively for her fans on Fanbase.

There is also an event announcement in the morning for Friday: Cooking with Emma! In addition, she provides an exclusive shopping list for her fans to buy all the ingredients in time.


As announced in the training schedule, there is a Q&A session on Friday. Two hours before that, she announces the live chat and exchange with the community via a Shoutout. At 12 o’clock it starts and everything revolves around questions about the training, how everybody has been doing so far and asking for wishes and suggestions. Some also message her through private DMs.

In the evening, the live cooking event starts. Here, Emma’s fans get a very personal impression of her at home in her kitchen.


Saturday morning there is a Morning Glory Session – Yoga. 45 minutes before, a reminder goes out to all fans via chat message on Fanbase.

With a picture post, Emma also quickly thanks her fans for the fun Friday night, sharing her favorite moment. The picture from last night’s dinner will also be shared on Instagram, but the recipe for re-cooking will only be available for purchase on Fanbase.com for 3$.


On Sunday, Emma will publish an e-book with healthy recipes for the whole family that can be easily integrated into everyday life. The e-book is available for download as a PDF for 29$.

In the evening there will be a guided meditation – 30 minutes live for 10$ – which she announces in advance.


Next Monday, the new updated training plan for the week will be released to everyone.


So, there is a concept

Every other day a workout. Every now and then, there are a few extra and very personal tips, backstories and impressions from her life – some times for free, other times for purchase.

Now and then little perks – also available for everyone- as a teaser and for free. If it fits thematically she adds little extra challenges, exercises and recipes as a PDF on top for purchase.

Personal contact is very important to Emma. She uses Fanbase to be even closer to her fans. On Fridays, she always does a live session for questions and feedback. She is also available via chat. She explains in a Shoutout, that she can’t answer to everyone, but she makes an effort to answer personal inquiries by addressing general questions into her Q&A sessions. Afterwards she posts the answers in her feed.

Emma shares the Fanbase link with her community on social media several times a week. And in doing so, draws attention to where there is more of her to watch, exclusively and in full length.


What’s next?

Emma already has a few more ideas. She wants to tell her personal success stories in articles and also feature someone from the group from time to time, to enhance the bond to her community.
For personal requests via message, she will offer to build customized nutrition plans. Emma will completely adjust to the fan’s personal situation and can then ship the finished product for an additional fee in chat.

For this summer, Emma is planning a small festival & retreat with friends. There, she will collaborate with several creators for a combination of sports (yoga of course), wellness with meditation and music from a band.
Soon the early bird ticket sales will start exclusively on Fanbase. She will provide her Fanbase community with an exclusive ticket link three days before the start of the official sale! This way her Fanbase community has the chance to secure their special experience with Emma before anyone else can.


What can you learn from this?

  • Have your product ready before announcing your Fanbase profile to your fans. Why? So that you can post something right from the start and show your fans the added value of your Fanbase profile!
  • Fanbase.com is simply a way to diversify your income. You don’t have to change your current channels and agreements if you don’t want to!
  • It doesn’t matter how many followers you have; you can still get started with Fanbase right now. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?
  • Use all your existing channels to promote your Fanbase profile. And be sure to do it regularly.
  • Alternate the content and formats. So there is something for everyone. And also for every budget.
  • And find your personal balance between paid content and free extras for your fans.
  • Cherishing offline experiences with your fans is indispensable fun for you? Just use Fanbase as an exclusive early-bird ticket store.
  • One platform that combines everything is easier to manage than several at once.
  • Remember all the knowledge you have about your content and what you do best! You surely have some exclusive expert tips that your fans just wish you would share with them. Dare to offer more.


When is Fanbase something for me?

Are you still unsure? Then once again – at the end – for you a short test.

  • I want to make more out of my passion.
  • I have a digital product or business.
  • I want to earn more money.
  • I already have followers on my social media platforms.
  • I am ready to be independent of advertising contracts.
  • I don’t have my own homepage.
  • I don’t have my own app.

You answered yes to at least one statement? Then try Fanbase for yourself now. Create a free profile here.


Let’s briefly summarize the features again:

– Shoutouts for announcements of all kinds
– Upload files like e-books
– Upload of videos like courses
– Upload of pictures e.g. a training plan
– Upload of audio files like meditation
– Publication of articles via the article feature
– Private chat or group chat for questions and feedback
– Exclusive links for ticket sales and expert recommendations


Let’s look at monetization opportunities

  • Selling knowledge in the form of plans (workout plans) or instructions (recipes)
  • Providing courses (meditation, yoga, stretching)
  • Hosting paid live events (cooking night)
  • Selling tickets for offline events (festival, retreat)


Then you’re good to go. 

Here are a few more tips for your successful launch on Fanbase.


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