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Top 55 Creator Business Ideas

We have sat ourselves down and discussed several topics concerning digital businesses, content trends and new business ideas. For you here exclusively, we want to present you with 55 business ideas for content creators, with which you can start immediately on Fanbase. 

Because Fanbase is suitable for almost anything, if you…

  • Want to build a digital product.
  • Want to monetize your digital content.
  • Are thinking about building your own website.
  • Are looking for a 100% professional platform which will automatically take care of everything beyond your content (billing, tax, website design, etc.).
  • Prefer an allrounder solution with as many features and content formats as possible. 


55 Creator Business Ideas – Subdivided into several areas and categories. There’s definitely something for EVERY content creator in here: 

This is how you can earn money as a creator with Fanbase!

Category 1: Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness & Nutrition


1. Your training as a video course

Bundle your knowledge into an online course: You have the expertise which means you can easily offer fitness and nutrition coaching in the form of bookable online courses. You can simply offer regular training on fixed dates, or publish a variety of different workouts that build on each other as sequences or chapters, each focusing on a certain area of training. 

Make sure your fans know about your new content and notify them that you’re, for example, uploading new sessions every Thursday at 6pm. The best way to do this is via a `Shoutout´ as an announcement or by sharing the weekly training schedule as an image or a PDF document.


 2. An evening live with you

Give your fans the opportunity to spend an exclusive evening or a few hours with you in a special setting. This might also be an important event that you would like to share live and exclusively with your fans. For example, how about a live cooking event or a special training session with your best friends live from your garden. Perhaps you want to treat your fans to a guided meditation during your stay in Bali. If you love to connect even more personally, you can also invite your fans for an hour to your birthday party via live stream. In any way it’s important for you to always announce the sessions beforehand so as many fans as possible will be prepared to join. 


3. Training plans and exercises in PDF format.

A live training session is great, the weekly training plan is just as much. Your training will be much more impactful if your fans receive a matching workout schedule or exercises to look up in a pdf or an eBook. This valuable support documentation can entail detailed descriptions, instructions as well as secret tips and tricks for your fans as they participate in your current program. Your downloadable guide can also include healthy snack recipes, further instructions, special explanations, your personal experiences, motivational sayings and much more!


4. Nutrition tips and recipes in an eBook

Package all your knowledge on recipes and nutritional tips in a personal cookbook, available via download on your Fanbase profile. You can easily implement the pictures of your delicious dishes published on Instagram and add a few more of you cooking with your loved ones. As we all know, the way to one’s heart is through the stomach: Your fans will be happy about some personal (fun)facts and special recipe ideas. You love your grandma’s apple pie recipe? Then name it that way. Your soup is just as tasty as a cooled version for summer time? The perfect tip! 


5. Personalized sports plans as PDFs

Take the opportunity for a high-class product and offer your fans personalized sports plans. Of course, these are unique drafts and you only provide them on request. Your super fans are looking forward to their individualized training plans and will be even more motivated after you have worked so intensively with them.

Ask them about their goals, motivation and preferences beforehand and adapt the training plans accordingly. Everyone trains differently, e.g. perhaps they prefer to train in the morning before work or afterwards to clear their head; they prefer to train more on the weekend than during the week; they don’t train at all on vacation or they train a lot during vacation. Either way, enjoy the creation with your fan and send your new personalized plan in a 1:1 chat. 


6. Personal health coaching – entry level

Offer a personal consultation to your fans. Every person is unique. Use the option to go one-on-one, define the common goals and support your fan as an expert on the way there. For the right nutrition, the suitable beginner level, personal development, taking into account preferences: Maybe someone who has never run a marathon wants to start training, someone else wants to improve their best time or simply train injury-free? Another fan prefers to focus on breakfast and eats vegan, whereas another fan likes to build muscle, or wants to tone their body. You can advise them all!


7. Tips & tricks related to discipline, motivation & Co.

Perseverance is often a big issue when people start following a dietary or training training plan. Help your fans stay motivated. For example, you can provide “your 9 top tips on how to trick yourself when it comes to getting started” or “your 12 little tricks to avoid giving in to cravings.”


8. Recommendations for equipment

Anything that helps your fans reach their personal goal is worth paying for. Especially if it comes from you as an expert. Therefore, you can support them in the best way possible and on all levels. What is important to consider when buying the right sports and cooking equipment? Help your fans with these decisions and offer them a simple and quick solution with your recommendations, instead of making them spend hours searching on the internet.


9. 30-Day- or summer challenges through .pdf, video and more formats 

Alternate your workouts by creating monthly challenges. Small challenges push ambition and enforce motivation. Help your fans to stick to the plan and pursue their goal to be fitter in certain areas. You can create variety through changing e.g. the durations of the challenges (5, 7, 10, 14, 30 days), thematically or seasonally (summer, New Year). You can accompany these with live sessions, uploaded videos and playlists.


10. Let the game begin

Use gamification to engage your fans even more. Gamification means integrating game-typical elements and processes with the goal of changing behavior and increasing motivation among users.

Typical for games are:

  • Different levels that can be reached
  • Rankings and overviews with the best fans/players
  • Rewards in the form of stars, additional exercises, unlocking new levels for more fun

This can mean for you e.g. that you crown the top 10 participants (e.g. the most diligent, loyal fans, best times) with medals in a post, offer your fans templates where they can check off levels or exercises (daily), or offer different challenges or tasks like a reward level via chat.


11. Audio assisted training

You can offer the supportive training directly through the ears of your fan as an audio download. This format can add a lot of value for your fans. For example, for a running workout, you can discuss 30 minutes of guided instruction with tips & tricks and play the appropriate music.

This way, your fans have their personal trainer with them during their workout via headphones.


12. 100 days training plan

Specialize your training plan on individual areas, such as endurance, strength or mindset. Help your fans to reach their goal specifically. This can be a plan over three months to a marathon or an Ironman, a beginner plan for 3-minute planks or “Your way to the splits”. Think about what your fans want to practice more and more precisely, or would like to be able to do and support them exactly in this.


13. Motivational tips to achieve goals

Record a small video in which you motivate your fans to take the first step and to keep going. You can then offer a pdf with the best motivational tips for download. Remember the strategies that help you and have proven to work. Offer a range, because everyone is different and motivates themselves differently.


Categorie 2: Lifestyle & Coaching

Lifestyle & Coaching


14. Coach and advise in one course

You are the expert in your field: Bring the topics together and offer your content in an online course. Whether you are a business coach, lifestyle coach, or fashion & beauty expert, you can record your knowledge in a video or audio format and make it exclusively available to your fans. The coaching can build on each other or teach different course content.


15. The book to read & practice

Summarize and compile all your courses and expert knowledge for reference. Make it compact and to the point, e.g. in an eBook. Maybe you even want to integrate a few, e.g. mediation exercises, and your favorite tricks to stay focused. Alternatively, or in addition, you can offer a supplementary workbook to the original guidebook or to one of your courses. Make the ebook available for download as a pdf on Fanbase.


 16. Live sessions coaching

Offer your fans to connect with them live. Do the podcast live with a guest (and small audience); live interviews; live advice via audio; practice a live meditation together with your fans. You gain extra points if you also collect questions or topics that interest your fans in advance for this. The point here is to give your fans the opportunity to interact with you and get even closer to you and your knowledge.


17. Practice sheets as PDF for support

Practice, practice, practice – your fans need knowledge to get into implementation. But some things you just need to have done a few times and practice. Give your fans concrete practice sheets to help them internalize things better and integrate them into their daily lives.

As we all know, it takes at least 21 days for something to become a habit. Of course, you can make these exercises available in all kinds of formats, such as audios, videos and interactive blog posts.


18. Your personal templates

Provide your fans with templates, e.g. for a daily 3-minute diary or shopping lists and organization planners. You can easily provide them as PDFs for download on Fanbase. There are a lot of useful tools that make creating these templates very easy and save you a lot of time as a creator.


19. Making-off videos

Use the chance to let your fans be part of the process, to take a peek behind the scenes, how it went, what you thought and give your fans the opportunity to get to know your daily work. For example, how did you prepare for “How I learn a TikTok dance”, “How I prepare for a shoot”, or “How I choose my make-up”. 

You can use the other channels as teasers and post the detailed video formats on Fanbase.


20. Step-by-step instructions

Give your personal tips: How to sort out my closet? How to put my outfits together? The top 5 steps to follow to be successful. Show what worked for you personally. Post the guide as a pdf or create a video explaining or showing each step.


21. 30-Day-Challenges as PDF

Publish a challenge or a program e.g. for 30 days as a pdf for download or as a blog article. Every day there is a different small exercise and a detailed explanation of what to do. You can differentiate between beginners and professionals. Or you can orient your content thematically to the seasons. You can also accompany the whole thing with daily videos. This can be motivational coaching, cleaning out the apartment, an interview preparation, or even a clothing challenge.


22. Daily motivation boosts and quotes

An annual calendar with motivational sayings is a classic favorite product. And of course it also works digitally, in the form of automated and personalized messages, for example, as an integration for the Google or Word calendar. Support your fans to motivate themselves daily and share e.g. your personal tips and tricks, how you manage to start something, to stick to it, or to implement a new habit. You can do this in the format that feels best for you.


23. Equipment recommendations

You have already tried many things and know exactly which tool supports you best and which equipment should not be missing. Write a personal guide, or publish the exact products you use (which microphones, cameras etc). Give your fans guidance, tips and tricks on what will help them the most to follow your successful path.

We know that not having perfect equipment shouldn’t stop you from launching, but having good equipment just makes it more fun. You can implement this content idea on Fanbase e.g. in video, PDF, link or even article format. 


24. Your top tips for success as PDF

Share your personal experience as a summary with explanations for download as a PDF. The title can be e.g. “My Top 10 Make-Up Tricks, which I also use privately” or “My personal favorites for a successful Office-Day Make-Up” or “My 5 Do-It-Yourself Tips to replace daily bathroom products with a piece of nature”. Note: Here it is important to really share tips that promise success and that you yourself have already tested (i.e. tips that deliver what you promise).


25. Private & behind-the-scenes insights

Be approachable and authentic and let your fans see behind the scenes. “How I relax on the weekend!”; “What a real business trip / shooting day looks like for me!”. Let your fans participate in events of your life. This can be a good 10-second video teaser and then publish the whole production as a video documentary.


26. Business & psychological theories and practice explained for everyone

Create explainer videos in which you dispel myths and convey information in an exciting way. You can also express your opinion and explain how you deal with the fact that there is so much information and facts on the web. A classification and explanation on your end can help your fans. But you can also bring together the most current state of research and have your fans form their own opinion on the subject. An example could be “What exactly is a burnout?” or “What does self-employment mean?” or “What does a coach do?”. For example, one idea could be to start a “definition series”.


27. Build a community

The advantages of a community are on your side as well as on the side of your fans: cohesion, exchange, inspiration, learning, feedback, etc. You can think of different models to build and maintain a community: From digital meet & greets to in-person Q&A sessions. Think about what would be interesting for your community and your fans.

This way, you can also find out what else your fans would like to see. Fans can motivate each other and share their experiences and learn from each other. It allows you to create positive vibes and an environment with like-minded people in which everyone can feel comfortable.


28. Guided Meditation

You are the expert of guided meditations: post one as a video or audio track. This can range from 5-minutes to an hour. Or even offer a weekly meditation class. Of course, you can also offer a live session, for example, every Monday morning at 7am, so your fans can start the work week relaxed.

Give each meditation a specific theme from falling asleep relaxed, body scanning, dream journey, anxiety etc. to appeal to different audiences. Likewise, guided breathing exercises for the workday are also very popular.


Categorie 3: Music & Entertainment

Music & Entertainment


29. Insider News

Your new show is coming out soon, you’re planning a new tour, your studio session is coming to an end and a song release is on the horizon? Perfect! Use the intimacy of your fanbase community for exclusive announcements.


30. Exclusive single

You’re releasing a new single soon? The long-awaited album is finally finished? Plan an early-bird release exclusively for your fanbase community. For example, you can make your masterpiece available to them one week before the official launch and reward your most loyal fans in this way. 


31. Album Release

You can release your new album easily and quickly on Fanbase. Without complicated technical hurdles! Determine the price for your followers and fans. You can provide bonus material exclusively for your real fans. For example, you can package your albums in simple ZIP files and make them available for download.


32. Bonus tracks

There is still a song that is not on the official album? Use it for Fanbase! You can upload it exclusively and only for your loyal fans! Either as a small gift, available only by subscription, or simply exclusive to Fanbase.


33. Live session: home concert from your living room

It doesn’t get much more personal than this: a small exclusive concert from your own four walls in a livestream. Of course, it can also be live recordings from the studio or from your concert. In this way, you create even more proximity to your fans and can offer uncomplicated small gigs, especially in the current times – either as a goodie or tickets for exclusive purchase. 


34. Digital meet & greet

This type of content offers your fans the opportunity to get to know you even better in an uncomplicated way. You can take the time to answer personal questions or collect questions from your fans in advance. This moment is priceless for your fans.


35. Personal insights from your everyday life

Your point of view, your recommendations and small tips and tricks. You can put all this together in a video post, a short article or as a podcast episode. For example, how to write and compose songs, or simply your current favorite playlist for cooking, cleaning or doing nothing. 


36. Fan gifts

The exclusive fan gift only on Fanbase. Give something back to your fans or offer them even more exclusives from you: A printed t-shirt or other merch item, a wallpaper to download for your smartphone background or desktop, a digital personal message to your fan. A gift can also be more personal info and fun facts about you that no one knew about you before.


37. VIP gift package for the next event

You can also create entire gift packages and offer them as the ultimate set that every fan needs for the next event. You can create a physical product package: from fan shirts, to a wristband and glow sticks, to a branded selfie stick. Or you can enable a digital set: from the date entry for every calendar and festival pass to download, to the link to the “anticipation” playlist, to the digital frame template for Instagram “I’ll be at the live event”, in matching colors and with logo, for example.

On top of that, the new song is available as a free download with the early bird ticket purchase.


38. VIP ticket Sale and early bird prices

Provide tickets with early access on Fanbase and sell special VIP tickets with meet & greet, or even personal messages in advance. This can be for a digital concert as well as for your next gig in a bar or concert hall. Accompany your community exclusively with a daily countdown, small teasers and a personal message in the chat. For example, publish your next live dates exclusively on Fanbase.


39. Making-off

Publish the making-off of your latest video, performance or song on Fanbase. Include “slip-ups”, funny questions or moments in a best-of. Show yourself authentically to your fans, because mistakes are human. These are things they may not get to see and hear from you elsewhere. Remember to tease these insights with little snippets.


40. Drum beats eBook

A book about you as a drummer; your story or even how to master the musical instrument the fastest. Create a guide with personal tips and tricks, sharing your experiences and success stories. Inspire your fans and support them in the implementation. This content idea can of course be implemented with many instruments. 


41. Pictures from the tour: Behind the Scenes

You can provide pictures from the last tour as wallpaper or stock photos for your fans to download. Enable suitable formats for desktop or smartphone. You can also provide them exclusively signed for individual fans in private chat.


42. Sheet music for replay as PDF

Offer the sheet music to your current tracks exclusively for purchase as a download, either individually, or collected for the whole album. You can also provide your fans with tips & tricks on how to play along. Even an acoustic accompaniment of you as video or audio format is possible: The drum beat for guitarists, acoustic guitar accompaniment for singers or even a karaoke version to your song.


43. Presets & samples for download

You just enjoy producing and you don’t use everything in your tracks? Offer your presets and samples for sale to your fans. You can even ask them to get creative with your presets and start a small contest exclusively on Fanbase.


44. Usage rights for music for own use

Provide the usage rights of your music for private use. This way, your fans can use your songs, i.e. their favorite songs, for an Instagram story, a wedding film or a photo slideshow.


45. Concert recordings as a film

The film of the tour: The whole concert filmed live and with additional scenes and exclusively for sale on Fanbase. You can add interview scenes, or integrate personal comments on the individual scenes.


46. Exclusive studio clips

This can be the film of the making off of the album, as well as a live session during the studio recordings. A few small extra tracks that you recorded anyway for fun.


Categorie 4: Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts


47. Photographers & videographers: preset packages with filters and effects

Your fans love your art, so why not give them the opportunity to buy and use your great filters and effects? You create them anyway! You can offer single effects & filters, as well as whole preset packages.


48. Retouch & edition tutorials

You can make even the darkest shot shine? Then offer your fans exclusive tutorials. Share your knowledge, build a stronger connection with your fans and secure your monthly income. You don’t have to think too complicated either. Everything from a two minute click video to a two hour workshop fits into this category! Of course you can also offer live tutorials. Of course, this also applies to all creatives from the DIY industry.


49. Own equipment tutorial

You can’t live without that one camera, you’ve found the perfect glue, or a new app as an insider tip for digital drawings? Great! This is great material for exclusive content for your fans. Transparency and behind-the-scenes insights create a stronger bond and give you expert status.


50. Design elements / icons / lines etc. to download

Are you an illustrator, graphic designer, UI/UX designer or otherwise in the field? Share some goodies with your fans and give them the basic tools they can use in a workshop with you. You can offer already designed icons, illustrations, stencils, line elements and much more on Fanbase individually or as a zipped package.


51. Live crafting

Your fans love your finished DIY projects, there’s no question about that! But you know what they would love even more? A collaborative crafting session. Post a materials list for a project, announce the live stream, and start a joint workshop where you can give them advice and (virtual) help.


52. Painting and drawing courses

Create a course in which you teach your fans how to paint or draw. You can differentiate between different techniques and materials (painting with watercolors) or levels (drawing people for beginners). Provide step-by-step procedures and support your fans with expert tips. You can also offer a 6-week course and publish every Monday evening another video about it.


53. Coloring book for adults to print

Create a coloring book for adults to download as a PDF. This can be templates with “Mandalas to relax” or paint-by-numbers pictures.


54. Equipment & material kit

Support your fans in their art projects by providing them with tips and tricks on the right equipment or even basic construction kits to get started. You can simply text the info together, provide appropriate links, or even provide a physical package for sale and mail it later.


55. Pictures, paintings, or prints for download in print quality

These can be photos or images that you publish as stock photos in high resolution, or illustrations and paintings in good print quality. Your fans can then use the images for their personal purposes.